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Personal Training

The Benefits

“Become happier, healthier, stronger and more confident with our dedicated and enthusiastic Personal Trainers”

There is so much evidence that exercise is good for you that we don’t need to plug it much more!  A healthy heart and lungs and increased protection against heart disease is one of the major benefits of exercise, as well as strengthening your bones against old age and osteoporosis.  You can improve your balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and all round health.  Exercise can improve our self esteem, and when you feel better within yourself then you’ll be ready to take on anything life throws your way. 

Strength / Performance Training and Injury prevention

“We will work you like an athlete!”

This doesn’t mean you will look like a WWF champion within a few months!  (Unless that’s your goal). Weight and performance training is essential for maintaining strong healthy bones and a healthy metabolism.   Used in conjunction with aerobic exercise in the right program it can aid fat loss and increases muscle tone and definition.  It can make the body more resilient and prevent injuries in the long run.

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Whether you want to run your first marathon, ski again after a knee injury or be able to go hiking in the Cotswolds, we will tailor an individualized training program that suits your needs, challenges your stamina and most importantly keep the whole experience fun and entertaining for you. 


“Prevention is better than cure”

The older we get the more likely it is for our bones start losing their density and this potentially increases the risk of fractures in later life. Protecting them against osteoporosis becomes increasingly important and research has shown that regular exercise and consistent weight training slows down this process.

If you have never been to a gym, we will make sure that we familiarize you with the equipment, ensure that exercises are kept simple and safe. Most importantly we will ensure you’ll have fun!

Weight Management

Extreme dieting, over-exercising and trying the latest slimming devices….forget it, you need a long-term solution! Our expert instructors can develop a more holistic and balanced weight management plan that won’t leave you grumpy in the morning and have you starving throughout the day. In addition to an exercise program, we can give you personalized nutritional advice and create a food diary that fits your busy working days. Long term weight loss with long term goals – let us help keep you motivated and give you the support and commitment that you need.

Stress Management

“Exhausting work hours, poor sleep, less-than-perfect nutrition, and more than the occasional late night staff drink? Sounds like your body needs a bit of help”

Living in London can be very exhausting. There are always too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. Taking the time to have a personal training session may just be what you need to clear that head of yours, before your body rebels! Exercise is known to have fantastic health benefits: it reduces negative stress, releases the feel-good endorphins that make you happy, lowers your stress cortisol levels and so decreasing your blood pressure, and best of all you’ll sleep like a baby at night!

Our trainers will listen to your concerns, help you address and alter your social and lifestyle stressors and work on achievable goals to make you feel better and more confident about yourself. In addition to a comprehensive nutritional plan, we will fit a personalized training session into your busy day that will make you huff and puff, sweat and sore but you’ll cry out for more!