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For Medical Professionals

Our team of Physiotherapists are experts at what they do. We have many years of experience in assessing patients, devising rehabilitation plans and implementing performance strategies that have consistently produced results.

We believe that our passion for good health is the key to our success. We are committed to continuing our professional development, keeping up with the latest research, technological advances and methodologies. Many of our physiotherapists have completed or are studying Masters Degrees in Sports Medicine and Sports Physiotherapy, we believe you can never stop learning or expanding your knowledge.

We have a dedicated rehabilitation gym and a strength and conditioning gym, a functional training gym, a cardiovascular room with an infra-red sauna and a fully equipped spacious Pilates studio. We have first hand experience in knowing that getting our patients out into these gym spaces has proven to be the most effective way to rehabilitate.

We aim to see a patient within 24 hours of being referred to us and their treatment will become our priority. We will keep you updated of their progress and value your opinions and knowledge.


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